The MET Technology Gateway is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union through the ERDF Northern and Western Regional Programme 2021-27

Dr Kohyar YazdanpanahArdakani

Senior Research Engineer

He is a highly skilled Biomedical Engineer with extensive experience in cardiovascular engineering, medical device design, and medical imaging. His career spans over a decade, during which he has developed a deep expertise in designing and optimizing cardiac medical devices, such as Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADs) and intracardiac sensors. His work is grounded in both experimental and computational analysis, using advanced software packages to create and validate high-performance medical devices.

His previous role as a Scientific Researcher at the National University of Ireland Galway and AuriGen Medical Co. involved leading a DTIF project focused on solutions for Persistent Atrial Fibrillation. He was responsible for defining design inputs, analyzing preclinical test results, prototyping components, and collaborating closely with R&D teams and third-party companies.

With a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering/Biomechanics from Sahand University of Technology, his academic background includes significant research in the design and fabrication of centrifugal pumps for LVADs, validated through both computational fluid dynamics models and experimental testing. He has also co-founded and managed a BioFluid and Dental Lab, developed innovative test methods, and supervised M.Sc. thesis related to cardiovascular device design.

He has published four peer-reviewed journal articles in the field of biomedical engineering and holds several certifications in ultrasound service training, medical imaging equipment repair, and technical service training from leading organizations in South Korea and Iran. His proficiency in CAD/CAM software (AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS), engineering simulation software (ANSYS CFX, ADINA, COMSOL Multiphysics), and medical image processing software (3D Slicer, Materialise Mimics) enable me to tackle complex engineering challenges effectively.

Dr Yazdanpanah joined the Medical & Engineering Technologies (MET) Gateway, Galway in 2024 and is currently working as a research fellow on validation and verification of novel Stent technology to address the complication of intracranial atherosclerotic plaque under DTIF project. Driven by an interdisciplinary mindset and a commitment to advancing medical technology, He aims to continue contributing to innovative solutions in the biomedical field, leveraging his comprehensive skill set and extensive experience.