The MET Technology Gateway is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union through the ERDF Northern and Western Regional Programme 2021-27

MET Core Competencies

The applied research technology themes offered via the Gateway are aligned to a number of established research groups which include GMedTech and Data Science research Groups. The foundation blocks that support these competencies can be subdivided into 2 categories: non-sectoral specific and Medical Technologies specific.

Competencies specific to the Medical and Engineering sector include:

Data Repository:
In collaboration with clinicians, GMIT has built up an extensive portfolio of clinical data and has mastered the ability to convert this into engineering data. Hundreds of anonymous MRI’s and other clinical images are available detailing various patient conditions and complications. The centre is growing its reputation as a repository of clinically relevant data suitable for use in early product development.

Anatomical Modelling:
GMIT is best known both nationally and internationally for its anatomical modelling. They have a proven and expanding ability to make clinically relevant models based on the data repository outlined above. This offering is extensively used by companies in early stage product development.

Access to Equipment:
The equipment highlighted in the capabilities section is available for use by our clients and customers. In addition, GMIT provides access to a certified and licenced fluoroscope which is extensively used in product evaluations, product demonstrations and training.

Technical Skills:
The personnel associated with the Gateway have varied skills to offer industry. Senior members of staff  bring particular skills in their understanding of internal anatomy from an engineering perspective. This offers a unique access to a skillset and expertise that can comfortably liaise between the clinician and the product designer.

Technical Writing:
Many projects undertaken at the centre require extensive reporting on development iterations, testing results and evidence of certified testing. This portfolio can be delivered to customers in a format that supports their regulatory submissions and ISO certification.

Teaching & Training:
Collating course content, professional delivery, appropriate facilities and course certification are all readily available skills and competencies within the MET Gateway. MET Gateway can design and deliver suitable short training courses specific to a company’s needs.