Medicinal Nutrition Technologies

The ability to test and modify the impact of foods on physiological parameters enables food companies to develop niche foods that can target particular groups in the population. MET has leading expertise in nutritional science for medical purposes and can assist companies in product design and innovation through the following supports:

Food Analysis and Testing

  • Metabolic testing: Glycaemic Index (GI assessment and certification, identification and development of low GI foods) and glycaemic response
  • Antioxidant assays: bioaccessibility and bioavailability; antioxidant profiles, stability and antioxidant capacity
  • Other food assays: quantification and isolation of individual food components; plant-based bioactives (e.g. seaweed extracts, β-glucans and other
  • Food intake studies: effects of food components on food intake, appetite and satiety
  • Sensory testing: discrimination testing; measurement of sensory thresholds; descriptive analysis; texture evaluation; consumer testing

Human Interventional Trials

  • Strictly controlled experiments on human volunteers for one day to several weeks
  • Long-term studies of up to 6 months or longer on human volunteers, with measures taken either in-house or amongst free-living populations
  • Randomised controlled trials

Product Development and Optimisation

  • Nutritional labelling, formulation, replacing synthetic additives, shelf life, evaluating functional and sensory properties
  • Compliance assessment with compositional, labeling, packaging and advertising regulations in the EU