Biomedical Engineering Technologies

This technology theme builds on the established and valuable relationship with MedTech companies and clinicians. The Gateway personnel available to the Gateway offer a unique conduit between medical product engineering and an in-depth knowledge of internal anatomy. Specifically, MET researchers have mastered the ability to translate medical data into engineering data and finally in to clinically endorsed anatomical models. These models compare and often surpass the best-in-class models available, and can be built to replicate standard or patient specific profiles. The centre also continues to improve its ability to replicate friction forces, biological artefacts and the dynamics of living organs.

From an R&D perspective, the core advantages of using anatomical models are:

  • More clinically relevant than animal models as specific abnormalities can be added to the test
  • Cheaper and faster than animal studies and can be used at the early design stage to give a high assurance of design efficacy prior to animal/ human trials
  • Can accelerate the design process by giving quick insight into design effectiveness

MET has a number of simulation systems available for use by industry. The real value of these suite of technologies comes from its connection with the suite of medical imaging services.